"With a staggering 5000 shooting days in 57 countries, we are no strangers to the pursuit of remarkable film experiences."

Why Choose Thailand for Filmmaking?

Thailand has earned its reputation as a popular destination for filmmakers around the world. Beyond its allure as a top tourist spot, the country offers filmmakers a host of advantages. With its diverse range of locations, cost-effective production costs, and a well-established domestic film industry, Thailand has become an attractive choice for Hollywood, Bollywood, and other international productions.

Film Incentives in Thailand

To further encourage filming in the country, Thailand has introduced lucrative financial incentives for film production.

The most significant incentive is a 20% cash rebate for shoots conducted in Thailand. In order to qualify for the rebate, filmmakers must secure permission from the Film Consideration Committee and spend a minimum of 50 million baht (approximately $1.7 million US) on Thai crew and local companies.

This initiative aims to support the industry and promote Thailand's positive image in terms of tourism and culture.

Filming Requirements in Thailand

To film in Thailand, foreign filmmakers must enlist the services of a local company registered with the Thailand Film Office, which is part of the Office of Tourism Development. This local company acts as the official representative for the foreign filmmaker, assisting in obtaining the necessary filming permits. Additionally, they assume responsibility for representing the film company in all matters arising during and after the completion of the shoot in Thailand.

Thailand's combination of stunning locations, competitive production costs, financial incentives, and a supportive local infrastructure makes it an ideal destination for filmmakers seeking to bring their creative visions to life.